Thank you so much!

You filled our wedding with laughter and joy, partied with us (sadly, the bride had to chicken out at the end…), surprised us with very thoughtful and generous gifts and made us smile despite the rain every minute throughout the day. Thank you so much for making this day unforgettable!

During our honeymoon we got some well-deserved rest and enjoyed life at the beach with Maya. Now we are looking forward to reliving the wedding by screening all the wedding pictures that our wonderful photographer Steve is going to send us in a couple of weeks. Of course, we will share them with you right away on this page, so stay tuned. Check out the first set of pictures that we received so far.

Although we are not planning on celebrating any other wedding, we hope to get a chance to party with all of you again really soon. In the meantime, feel free to visit us in Bern anytime!

Best wishes,

Tanja, Tobias & Maya